Website Building

Robust Websites Powered by WordPress

WordPress is the leading platform in website building and design. From its launch in 2003 it has now been used for over 60 million websites and counting. its success is largely due to its many website themes, plugins, and customisation options.  This flexibility allows me to create the perfect custom website to match my clients wants and needs.

With over 3 years experience using the platform I can create a beautiful and functional website for all business shapes and sizes. Contact me now to see how I can help design and build a professional WordPress site for your business.


Advantages of WordPress

Flexible Website Design

With the thousands of themes and plug ins to choose from we can create the perfect website customised for your business.

Responsive Website Design

WordPress websites are mobile friendly and can work on any screen or device.

Optimised for Growth

WordPress Websites are optimised to rank well in search engines. It is also easy to build your network using your WordPress Wesbite.

Dominant CMS system world wide.

WordPress currently holds about 76.4% of the content management software usage in the  market.

Add Content to the Website at Any Time

Keeping your customers up to date with your business is easier than it has ever been before. WordPress’s flexible design gives you the ability to add pages and posts to your website at any time. 

Being able to regularly post on your own website will help it continue to grow and be a great asset to your business. It’s also important to show to your customers that you and your website are up to date with regularly posted articles and blogs. Website that have not been posted on for a while show a lack of care and could hurt your reputation with your customer base. 

As a business owner its very likely that you are too busy to be able to post regularly on your own website. Here at Danni’s Digital Design we also offer content creation services in addition to any website we create. For an up to date website with none of the hassle, contact me today for your free website consultation!. 

Our Website
Process & Workflow.

Here at Danni’s Digital Deisgn its important to us that the client is there every step of the way. Your input is important to us throughout the website building process as you know your business best.

Your website is the way your customers will interact with your business online. It’s important to get this vital factor of your business just right so contact me today for your free initial website consultation.

Project Research

We take a good look at your business and business needs to evaluate where a website will help your business most.


We Map out every aspect of the website before its built so you can visualise the final product and make changes.


The Design of each website represents the business online and is customised for each clients wants and needs for the business.


We can customise any WordPress theme with HTML and CSS code to create your pixel perfect website online.

Website Design Packages

Starter Website

Its the start of something new with the potential to grow. This website offers a basic 5 Page website structure that is perfect for small businesses. It’s the perfect foundation to build your online business with strong initial SEO setup and built on WordPress.

Website Features:

  • 3-5 Page Website
    • Home Page
    • Contact Page
    • Up to 3 Core Business areas
  • Wireframes and Mockups
  • Keyword Research
  • Starting Content

Standard Business Website

This business website is optimised for local businesses looking to create an online presence. Reach more quality customers with SEO optimised web pages and a blog to keep the website growing as you add more content over time. 

Website Features:

  • 6-9 Page Website
    • Home Page
    • Contact Page
    • About Page
    • Up to 3 Core Business Areas
    • Compliance Pages
    • Blog/Articles Page
  • Wire frames and Mock ups
  • In depth Keyword Research
  • Competition and Niche Research
  • Quality Content optimised for SEO
  • Call to Action

Professional Business Website

Build a large authoritative website optimised for growth. This website is built on the strong foundation of strong keyword research and competition/niche research to give you the best possible chance to rank highly in the Google search engines. 

Website Features:

  • 10-15 Page Wesbite
    • Home Page
    • Contact Page
    • About Page
    • 3-4 Core Business Areas
    • Compliance Pages
    • Articles/Blog Page
    • Other Business Pages
  • Wireframes and Mockups
  • Indepth Keyword Research
  • Competition and Niche Research
  • Quality Content optimised for SEO
  • Call to Action(s)
  • Detailed plan for ongoing wesbite growth