Graphic Design

Illustrations and Graphic Art

I have been illustrating for over 10 years. I specialise in more cartoony illustrations but I cater for realism and more abstract styles.

Logo Design and Branding

A good logo and branding is essential to every business. Check out how I can help your business with custom logos and branding.

Print Design

From Packaging to promotional materials, I have you covered for all your business print design needs. Check out my catalogue and see how I can help your business today. 

Your Personal Graphic Designer

As an independent graphic designer I am able to customise any project to suit the clients needs. I have been working professionally as a Graphic Designer for over 2 years and during that time I have helped a large range of clients with their graphic design and branding needs.

I specialise in helping websites and online businesses. I can do everything from logo design and branding, to print design, to digital design including banners and imagery for websites. My knowledge as a website designer myself means that I am more understanding of your online business needs and can create pixel perfect graphic designs for you.

If you are interested in having me help you with your business, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can start work today!

My Graphic Design programs

Adobe Photoshop

I use Photoshop for photo editing and digital paintings. As a Graphic Designer Photoshop is instrumental in my design process for larger and more detailed projects. 

Adobe Illustrator

I use Adobe Illustrator for most of my logo designs. Being vector based I can create logos that can go as big or as small as the client needs.

Adobe InDesign

I use InDesign for all of my print designs. Its wonderful for creating custom documents, packaging, business cards, letter heads and so on.

Adobe After Effects

I occationally use after effects to create small graphics for websites to give them an extra visual element. Although I mostly use the other three programs.

Photography 101

Photography is an important aspect of Graphic design as it allows the designer to have full creative rights on the project. The camera is the essential tool in photography and I want to have a closer look at…

Experimenting with the Camera

As I was learning how to use the camera I decided to learn how each aspect of the camera works. I asked my subject, Jesse, to model for me as I went through and changed the settings with each…