Design Portfolio

Digital Design Experience

Digital design encompasses any form of branding that you can see on a screen – includes social media, websites, games, apps, and more!

I have created digital designs for all kinds of platforms and devices. I always strive to keep my designs as accessible as possible, while also keeping them looking fresh and fun.

Most of my digital design work is created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and some InDesign. I also utilise Adobe XD for website and app mockups and Adobe After Effects whenever I need to create a small video for social media.

Infographic Design

I love to create informative infographics of all kinds. A picture is worth a thousand words and infographics are a great way to convey ideas and data in consumable bites. With great design you can also tell a story through the visuals.

Website Design

I have extensive website design experience, having built a large number of websites that are also optimised for SEO. Included in this is the creation of wireframes and accessibility testing.

Social Media Marketing

I have created visual content for most social media platforms. I often create graphics to promote new sales and photography to highlight products. I also utilise mockups (primarily with Photoshop) to stand in when I am unable to use photography.

Email Design

I have a lot of experience creating designs for email marketing. By their nature it can be a challenge to break through the noise, but I love to strike that balance of being eye-catching while also fun and easy-to-read.

Print Design Experience

Print design is the physical form of a brand’s identity – includes anything you can print a logo on like; business cards, shirts, signs, chairs, and much more.

My first professional job as a designer was with a print company. This gave me valuable knowledge about the ins-and-outs of everything print design.

 This foundation has allowed me to be able to create fun and interesting designs, playing with colour and mediums that can be physically interacted with.

 I have a personal passion for board game design and am always looking for fun out-of-the box ideas in my print design work.


T-shirts, bottles, USBs, packaging, stickers, card games… you name it! There is a good chance that I have experience translating a company’s brand into a physical item that they can sell or give away.  

Flyers and Promotional Materials

Have a message you need to shout? I can make it happen on the page. I have created flyers for countless businesses to help them get their message physically into the hands of their customers.


I have created catalogues and booklets from 4 pages up to 128 pages. I have a great eye for page layout and grids which help me to create these multi-page designs efficiently.


I have created signs as small as A4 and big enough to literally fit across the Story Bridge. My previous experience working with a printing company greatly helps me with the technical behind-the-scenes knowledge to enhance my sign-design skills.