About Danni's Digital Design

Danni’s Digital Design is an independent design company based in Australia. Danni founded the business to help small to medium sized local businesses with all their website and graphic design needs. Our focus is to help you get the most out of your business with a great visual design and a strong online presence.

Danni has been actively building her skills over the last 3 years in both graphic design, with a degree of graphic design from SAE, and website design, under the mentoring and coaching of Matt and Liz Raad of eBusiness Institute. During those years Danni has focused on online business branding and digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and a number of other fields in the graphic design and website design space.

Danni Thomas – CEO and Head Designer

Danni has always had an interest in graphic design and designing websites for local businesses. For the past 3 years she has studied website deisgn and SEO marketing at the eBusiness Institute under Matt and Liz Raad. Danni is officially certified in Wesbite Building and design, keyword research, Search Engine Optimisation and is experineced in User Experince (UX design) and online branding for businesses. Danni is a creative digital designer who will be able to create the perfect website for you and your business.

Danni also recently completed her Graphic Design degree and has already helped a number of clients with their graphic design needs. Danni specilaises in company branding and logo creation.

Danni’s Certifications and Qualifications

Danni has a number of Degrees and certifications to make her a highly qualified Graphic and Website Deisgner.

eBusiness Institute

Under the mentor ship of Matt and Liz Raad Danni learned about digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and website building and design.


Danni studied Graphic Design for 2 years at SAE. From these two years Danni is now skilled in branding, print design and digital design.

University of Queensland

Danni has competed her Bachelor degree with Honours at the University of Queensland, majoring in Ancient History and Japanese.

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