Search Engine Optimisation

Reach New Customers Online

Google alone is responsible for over one hundred billion searches every month.  Imagine even a fraction of those searches going to your business. Everyday people looking for services that you provide, and they find your business through a quick google search. That is how SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) helps businesses like yours get new customers.

In this new digital age, a business without a website is invisible. Its more important than ever for businesses to have a website and the higher it ranks in the search engines, the more potential customers you can reach!

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a combination of strategies and techniques used to help websites rank highly in the search results of search engines like Google or Yahoo. Where the website ranks in these search engines is influenced by a number of factors. These factors include but are not limited to, your keywords, website structure, content, back-links, on page links, and age of the domain. Optimising websites using these factors is an art form on its own and it crucial for a website’s long term success.

A beautiful website does not guarantee that it will rank so its important to invest enough time and energy into your website to make rank in the search engines and reach your customers. Here at Danni’s Digital Design we are SEO experts with years of experience in optimising websites for search engines. We keep up to date with the latest SEO techniques which we use every day to help your websites rank.

Planning your SEO Strategy

Keyword Research

The foundations of good SEO starts with quality Keyword Research. This tells us what people are looking up in search engines and the volume of searches.

Competition and Niche Research

It’s important to look at who your competition is so we can be better informed for how we structure the website for your customers.

Initial SEO Setup

Our websites are setup using the information gathered from keyword research, and competition and niche research so we can give your website the best SEO foundations.

SEO Maintenance

The initial setup is only half the battle, good SEO requires ongoing maintenance to keep the website growing in size and searches.

Rank Your Website with Danni’s Digital Design

Danni’s Digital Design is an Australian based Digital Design company that can help you with all your graphic design and website design needs. I am driven to create high quality websites that rank organically and provide my clients with the best online experience.

Search engine optimisation is in my opinion the most important aspect of any website build which is why it is so important to get right. People in the past have attempted trying to SEO their own websites but this can often do more harm than good without expert guidance. As an expert in search engine optimisation I am here to give your business website the best chance at ranking in the search engines. 

Contact me today for a free website consultation and start ranking your website today. 

Website Maintenance and SEO Packages

Basic Hosting

The most basic maintenance package to keep your website online. 


Domain Name

Website Hosting

 Server Support 

Essential Maintenance

Keep your website safe and running with our essentials maintenance package. 


Hosting and Domain Management

24/7 Security Monitoring

Software Updates

Fix Broken Links

Email Support

Essential SEO

Grow your business steadily with out Essential SEO package.


Essential Maintenance Package

Performance Report

Traffic Report and Analysis

Improvement Suggestions

Keyword Research

Monthly Strategy Session

1 x SEO optimised article

1 x New Citation per Month

Advanced SEO

Fast track your website rankings with the advanced SEO package.


Essential Maintenance Package

Performance Report

Traffic Report and Analysis

Improvement Suggestions

Keyword Research

Monthly Strategy Session

Keywords, Titles, and Content Optimisation

2 x SEO optimised article

3 x New Citation per Month

Higher Level Marketing Strategy

1 Press Release Per Month