Print Design

Print Design Experience

Print design is the physical form of a brand’s identity – includes anything you can print a logo on like; business cards, shirts, signs, chairs, and much more.

As the head graphic designer at a printing business, I have a lot of experience when working with print design. I have an intimate understanding of print stocks and finishes and how they can be best integrated into print design from conception.

My position has allowed me to create designs for a wide range businesses like telecommunication, sports, and technology.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is the most common software I used when creating print designs. With InDesign I have created everything from business cards, to 128-page magazines and data merged items like invitations or name tags.


I often use my illustration skills to create custom elements for print design projects that I work on.

Adobe Illustrator

I use illustrator for both print and digital design. It is particularly useful when it comes to creating or recreating logos.

Adobe Photoshop

In my work, photoshop is frequently used to create custom mock ups of print items for clients to review before approval for production.

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