As I was learning how to use the camera I decided to learn how each aspect of the camera works. I asked my subject, Jesse, to model for me as I went through and changed the settings with each shot. I then collected the images together and made one larger image to demonstrate the differences between all the settings.

Testing the Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed

As I increased the shutter speed the images got darker and darker. This is because as the shutter speed increased there was less time for light to be able to get in and the shutter itself impeded the lens of the camera.

Testing the Aperture


Aperture effects both brightness and field of vision. As I open the aperture up (2.8 – 4.0) I let in more light and the images appear brighter. As the aperture becomes greater there is less light going into the lens and images get darker.

Testing the ISO


ISO is the camera’s ability to capture light. When I increase the ISO the image gets brighter and brighter as the camera tries to take in more and more light. ISO is useful when taking pictures in darker areas as it ca help the camera see what it otherwise would have missed.

The results of this experimentation were really helpful for me to see the differences these settings can make. Doing this myself gave me a better understanding of how they effect the final photograph, and I hope I can take this knowledge with me further as I continue to learn about photography.